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THE OPEN WAY "Shared Reality" Spiritual Dating Service......why not?
"A Shared Reality"
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The Open Way " Shared Reality" Dating AND Friendship Service with Cory Bright

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THE OPEN WAY Link to "A Shared Reality" FREE membership and schedule

   FREE!! ...  or...   LOVE DONATIONS ONLY!!

THE OPEN WAY Shared Reality Spiritual Dating Service

We have an amazing donation based matrix set up that will be explained soon and added soon.

Subject line of your email should read "A Shared Reality"

Your email will be entered by spiritual category as a personal ad in our dating service section.

A Shared Reality - ALL spiritual interests are welcome as long as they are loving, open, accepting of others and unitive.

Ulitmately, we will categorize and match spiritual interests.
For now here is all we requiring:

Send an email to cory@theopenway.org   or  eeetznab@aol.com  in this format....

5 easy steps:

1 - Picture at the top left corner preferably "in the body of your email"  or as an attachment

2 - First name or an internet user name

3 - One to Three spiritual interests, topics or title in order of preference:
Four Examples here:
Buddhism, Zen, New Age 
Nonduality, channeling, drumming circles 
A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Joel Olsteen
 Advaita, Creating Reality, Deepak Chopra
- you get the idea

4 - One short paragraph on who you are, interests, spiritual interests etc and who you would like to meet

5 - Your email address at the end of the paragraph or say contact me through THE OPEN WAY if you would like to screen it.

IMPORTANT!!  At the end of your paragraph you must state: "I agree that THE OPEN WAY and CORY BRIGHT is in no way responsible for the actions of it's members. And then put in your full name.

Your full name will not be disclosed or shared with anyone except THE OPEN WAY or CORY BRIGHT.

Make sure we have your email that you want to be contacted at - we will either leave it in your paragraph or delete it accordng to your request.

For requests to contact a member simply email us with there username and member #, which we will assign to them. We will then contact them and contact you with there YES interested with their email or NO - not interested response.

That's ALL.... for "NOW"   Sometimes simple and right to the point of interest is most effective.

We will start with this simple structure to create a base of core members

You may donate the amount of your choosing.
From $0 to whatever.

We are happy to serve regardless of donations.

Donations will go toward the expansion of THE OPEN WAY and THE OPEN WAY Shared Reality Spiritual Dating Service.

You will be amazed and excited at the unique system we have planned. I have not seen anything like it on the internet.

We will match you through spiritual interests primarily and on donation basis.

For now, it will just be in the form of a paragraph written by you and sent to cory@theopenway.org or eeetznab@aol.com

Keep posted here to see our progress!

NOTE: THE OPEN WAY feels that while one will not find true wholeness or completion in a relationship alone, it does see the value of "being" with one who understands your spiritual interests and can be a mirror in that way for yourself. When the relationship is based in wholeness, love, unity expressed in ways that resonate with each other- it is often wonderful constant reminder, support and empowerment of how to "be" in this world as well. 

THE OPEN WAY Shared Reality Spiritual Dating Service goes into effect on JANUARY 1, 2011!
You may join now!

Be Free